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Pinelane Healthcare Resources

Explore our comprehensive collection of healthcare resources designed to empower and educate, providing valuable insights and support for both caregivers and Healthcare clients alike


Services Details

Pinelane Healthcare, a leading care provider serving the Dublin and Leinster region. Our mission is to become Ireland's foremost trusted source for exceptional care within our clients' facilities. We understand that the key to our success lies in the quality and dedication of our caregivers. That's why we have implemented a recruitment and training process, complemented by ongoing workshops, regular training sessions, and round-the-clock support.

Join us on our journey as we redefine care standards in Ireland, setting a new benchmark for quality, professionalism, and compassion. Experience the Pinelane Healthcare service today.




Managing your timesheets has never been easier. Download our weekly timesheets here, and enjoy the convenience of filling them out online. Simply complete the necessary details, accurately record your work hours, and submit your timesheet each week. To ensure timely processing, remember to submit your timesheet by Monday before 12.00 midday.


Agency Workers

You are an agency worker if you are employed by an employment agency and are temporarily assinged to work for another organisation. While agency workers do not have all the same employment rights as regular workers, agency workers have the right to equal treatment in 
basic working and employment conditions. 


Job Search

Pinelane Healthcare stands out as a trusted care provider, offering diverse employment opportunities and a chance to make an impact within the healthcare sector. Join our team of professionals and embark on a fulfilling career in the ever-expanding field of healthcare.

The HSE is the largest employer in the state with over 100,000 employees. With over 67,000 direct employees within the HSE, the remainder is employed by agencies funded by the HSE.

When it comes to healthcare job search, Pinelane Healthcare offers a valuable alternative to traditional employment channels. Start your search today.



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