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About Pinelane Healthcare

Our Healthcare Assistants

At Pinelane Healthcare, our healthcare assistants (HCAs) are dedicated caregivers who provide exceptional care to our patients.

They attend to fundamental needs such as feeding, hygiene, and daily living activities.

Our HCAs are carefully selected based on their completion of a FETAC Level 5 course with at least 500 hours of work experience in an acute care setting in Ireland.

They are also equipped with essential certifications, including medical vaccinations, CPR, and Manual Handling training. Contact us today to discover how our reliable and skilled healthcare assistants can assist you.

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Our Clients

Our clients are our valued partners, and we prioritize their needs and objectives. By sourcing highly qualified healthcare professionals exclusively for their facilities, we ensure effective and efficient operations. Through continuous engagement at all levels, we foster mutually beneficial relationships and constantly enhance our services. We strive to establish common goals and provide added value that aligns with our mission and vision. Our trusted partnership approach strengthens both parties, creating genuine value. Contact us today to discover more about our client-centric approach.


Our Nurses

Our nurses and healthcare professionals at Pinelane Healthcare provide exceptional care in various domains, including health promotion, patient well-being, disease prevention, and pain relief. They serve as advocates for patients and their families, guiding them through recovery and ensuring informed decision-making. We specialize in recruiting highly qualified, talented, and experienced nurses across fields like theatre, cardiology, paediatric, psychiatric, medical, and surgical nursing. For dedicated and skilled nursing expertise, contact us today for tailored assistance.

Training & Certification

At Pinelane, we are committed to the professional development and growth of our healthcare staff. We offer a range of training modules, including:
  • Interview and CV preparation
  • MS Office training
  • Manual handling courses
  • Workplace health & safety
  • Fire safety
  • First responders certification
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